Overview - Dawson Clinical Research Inc.

Ongoing Training Program

Equipment / Site Attributes

Personnel –

Principal Investigators – 5+ years experience



Study Coordinators / Research Nurses


Patient Recruitment

  • EMR – easily searchable for study-specific criteria to produce accurate and precise feasibilities
  • Pts are referred from their physician based on study-specific criteria and personal history to ensure study compliance
  • Pts are well educated regarding study expectations and are loyal to their physicians
  • Specialty investigator support/referrals – orthopedics, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, ENT, nephrology, respirology, neurology, dermatology
  • Study personnel is available for offsite support to review specialists’ databases
  • Utilization of online social media patient recruitment services – i.e., StudyKik
Dawson Clinical Research
Dawson Clinical Research


  • Our Screen-Failure rate is always amongst the lowest due to meticulous pre-screening exercises
  • We are on the Preferred Site Lists of multiple sponsors
  • Due to our powerful EMR system, prescreening, and dedicated staff, we achieve our target recruitment >75% of the time